Our Legacy

Established in 2020

The truth is waiting.
Will you find it in time?

To analyze the world we live in critically, it is crucial to allow open common spaces for dialogue and debate. We provide that space, independent from those creating, to collectively improve the conditions for professionals engaged in mediating information. As an unorganized collection of “truthers”, our goal remains steadfast, to improve the right of expression for all.

Truth is a term we define as “accurately representing reality(ies) present in current discourse as a representation of perceived fact.” So what does that mean? The truth about any topic is only as good as the way it was mediated to us, so the way we rely on deciphering the truth is through the perceptiveness of our own minds to distinguish what we determine to be the truth. A space to determine the truth must be established for any free society to exist.

Our services have always been free for everyone and will continue to be free thanks to your ongoing sustaining monthly contribution of any amount from human beings just like you. We do not accept funding of more than $2000 from any single source and maintain strict limitations on accepting project funding to ensure the quality of information is not in any way corrupted by economic market forces that seek to appraise knowledge as a form of distinguishable value classification. Our goal is the truth, one lie at a time.™

When you look at information from a perspective that is constantly looking for lies, it keeps you skeptical but analytical in a critical sense. This is intended to help you practice better media consumption techniques™ and improve your awareness of the truth.

What we do for privacy.

We are focused on your privacy and suggest you take steps to ensure your experience on this site is secure. We do take note of your visits to our website, but never share that data. We use some metrics to fine tune our experiences for users, such as tracking page loads and how many people visit our site. These metrics will never be used by us to track your session in a way that is evil.

What we do for creators.

We are focused on serving the needs of the truth community. Our processes can be replicated for your own strategic use, and we have a team that can help you get up and running. Want to host your own show? Do it, let us know via the form below, and if approved we will add your content to our truth service.

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